About GSL-Energy


GSL GROUP Limited ("GSL") is an integrated energy group that specialises in clean and new energy on PV Solar and lithium ion battery products.

 GSL Energy Production

Since its foundation, GSL has been dedicated to "bringing green power to the world" by providing outstanding energy and services. GSL strives to be the most respected international clean energy group through innovations and its constant pursuit of excellence.

Since 2006, GSL has maintained a corporate philosophy that is characterised by entrepreneurship, innovation, competition and transcendence. Today GSL has established a solid foundation in two major industries: photovoltaic and Lithium, with its four production bases in Shangdong, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Guangdong.

Through years development and experienced international sales team in Shenzhen, GSL green solar and lithium battery products have been sold to clients all over the world.

Our mission is to continue to help and educate everyone to use green energy products, offering a clean, reliable energy source for everyone. 

Our vision is to become manufacturing and offering high quality and cost effective green energy products that will provide clean, reliable, green electric power in the world.

GSL ENERGY has established a culture with a set of core values that help define how the company does business and pursues it mission. The GSL ENERGY team applies these values everyday and they serve as the foundation for interactions with customers, suppliers and business partners.

Customer-orientation: GSL ENERGY will always listen to and focus on what our clients needs and wants, offer professional, reliable and high efficient solar products to clients worldwide.

Quality: GSL ENERGY adheres to international quality standards and institutes stringent quality control processes in its operations. The company strives to consistently deliver high quality products to the market.

 GSL ENERGY seeks to collaborate with long-term partners who can help to develop and invest in evolving technologies and bring these innovations to the market.

Teamwork: Teamwork is a key component of GSL ENERGY success. The company has built a team of highly qualified individuals who share this philosophy of teamwork. This notion of teamwork extends from the management team down to each 
GSL ENERGY employee and also extends to our customers, suppliers, partners and investors who seek to strengthen the solar PV industry as a whole.

Solar Green Energy 

GSL ENERGY is a world-leading manufacturer of high-performance solar power products that convert sunlight into electricity for residential, commercial, and utility-scale power generation. The company is committed to develop and provide the world with clean and renewable energy to ease the energy shortages as well as human kind’s impact on the environment.

With cutting-edge manufacturing equipments, GSL ENERGY has an annual solar cell production capacity of 500MW, an annual module production capacity of 750MW , and an annual wafer production capacity of 1.0 GW. With a selectively optimised vertical integration model, GSL ENERGY manufacturing facilities encompass the whole photovoltaic supply chain including wafers, cells, modules, and comprehensive PV system project development services.

Lithium Titanate Battery 

GSL ENERGY lithium Titanate Battery cell is built upon lithium titanate chemistry, which is known in the battery industry as being the safest chemistry in the lithium ion family.

--Fast charging fully in 10 minutes
--Super long cycle life over 20-30K times: Zero strain for extreme long-term stability leads to extremely long cycle life.
--Wide Temperature range : -40℃~55℃
− No volumetric change after lithium insertion.

− Nano-structured material allows higher packing density and extremely high rate capability (fully charging in 3 minutes).
−Outstanding electrochemical and safety performance, unmatched abuse tolerance, excellent capacity retention at extreme temperature.

GSL ENERGY lithium titanate battery is the ideal solution for the heavy duty applications such as electric buses, plug-in hybrid electric buses, and hybrid electric buses, and most difficult energy storage applications such as: Frequency Regulation and delivering firmed power for intermittent renewable energy sources including solar and wind.

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery ( Lifepo4 ) 

As a high and new technology enterprise focusing on the field of green energy, GSL ENERGY has the ability of developing and manufacturing lithium iron phosphate materials, as well as manufacturing of LifePO4 power battery and battery pack.The lithium iron phosphate cathode material and lithium iron phosphate power batteries are developed and owned by GSL ENERGY, which have great high and low temperature discharge performance, high reliability and consistency, outstanding performance in an environment with a temperature between -40°C and +80°C, not subjected to explosion and combustion due to over-charge, over-discharge, high temperature, short circuit, strike and downfall, squeeze, and puncture.Highlights of GSL ENERGY’s accomplishments and superiority include:
1. The liFePO4 cathode material production line and the under construction project with an annual capacity of ten thousand tons rank the Heter material as the global first (yield) and also make it be focused by the whole world.
2. The Li-Fe button battery with independent intellectual property rights fully deserves as the global first.
GSL ENERGY has the complete manufacturing line from raw material, to battery, then to solar electric vehicle, that is the only one currently in China.
4. The national first and only one company whose LiFePO4 power battery has passed military certification.

GSL ENERGY Integrated Chain Line and World-Class Manufacturing

GSL ENERGY has successfully become a leader in the PV industry through its moderate horizontal expansion strategy. We focus on the manufacture of solar modules and select only the highest quality materials and components. This, together with a world leading automated production line enables us to offer a competitive price for our modules. Our experienced engineers are committed to this round-the-clock operation and ensure each module, from soldering to packaging, flows smoothly along this world-class assembly line.

Solar System Solution

State-of-the-art manufacturing lies at the core of GSL ENERGY's business and enables us to deliver high-quality solar products to our customers at an affordable price. Our 1-Gigawatt manufacturing capacity makes GSL ENERGY be one of solar system solutions suppliers in the world, allowing us to offer advanced products and leverage economies of scale. GSL ENERGY manufacturing sites, located in China, follow the strictest production guidelines and are staffed by highly-trained manufacturing experts.

GSL ENERGY - Lithium Business

Lithium Titanate Battery

GSL ENERGY develops and delivers fast charge lithium titanate batteries for electric vehicles as well as wide range of other applications. We have over 30 Megawatt Hours of batteries in operation on the streets of Europe and Asia today. Our leading EV application is battery packs for fast charge full electric and hybrid electric municipal bus fleets.At its heart GSL ENERGY is a battery chemistry innovator with over 250 patent applications, and over 100 core patents for all lithium titanate battery cell components. Our vertically integrated battery manufacturing production process includes: electrolyte, electrode raw materials, separator membranes, cell production, battery management system design and lithium titanate battery pack assembly.
In 2012 
GSL ENERGY expanded our business to serve grid energy storage applications. We partner with electric power transformer, switchgear, and power conversion equipment manufacturers to deliver complete AC power solutions. GSL ENERGY provides system engineering, cycle loading analysis, project commissioning, remote system monitoring, and long term field service support for grid energy storage projects.With superior performance of our unique fast charging Li-ion titanate battery technology, GSL ENERGY is also looking forward to its application in other fields including Marine, Construction Machinary, AGVs, Military, and more.

LifePO4 Power Battery 

The lithium iron phosphate cathode material and lithium iron phosphate power batteries are developed and owned by GSL ENERGY, which have great high and low temperature discharge performance, high reliability and consistency, outstanding performance in an environment with a temperature between -40°C and +80°C, not subjected to explosion and combustion due to over-charge, over-discharge, high temperature, short circuit, strike and downfall, squeeze, and puncture. The LifePO4 power battery is the safest lithium ion battery which is recognised internationally at present.

GSL ENERGY's activities that are of quality and environmental relevance are controlled via an integrated management system that operates at all process levels and leads to continuous improvement.. At regular intervals, management evaluates the quality and environmental impact of our products and processes.

Each year, measurable performance, quality and environmental targets are set in all areas of the company and relevant improvement measures are derived from these. Management regularly reviews the achievement of these objectives. The company is committed to observing all applicable statutory regulations and other requirements, as well as to realising a high level of safety within the Group.

As a global company operating in the renewable-energy sector, in dialogue with all interested parties, we are particularly committed to using a minimum amount of energy and resources in the manufacture of our products. Company processes are designed to minimise the environmental impact in accordance with technical and technological progress. We aim to continually improve the efficiency of our products so that, in the foreseeable future, the electricity they generate will be competitive with that generated by conventional methods.

For GSL ENERGY, this entrepreneurial value creation goes hand in hand with the responsibility of making a significant contribution towards sustained and environmentally-compatible development, as well as further increasing the company value in the interests of both our employees and our shareholders.