Coming Soon - Pallet - AS-6P Polycrystalline Solar Panels [26 panels] Shipped from Factory to your door.

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AS-6P Polycrystalline Solar Panels

Amerisolar AS-6P-315/320/325/330W and AS-6P30-265/270/275W panels are NOW certified by the Clean Energy Council of Australia

  • Pallet of 26 - Allow A$0 for shipping from Factory to Central Australia - door to door.

  • The more you order the lower the shipping cost.

  • Use the shipping calculator in Checkout to know the cost to each postcode.

    • See Rates for 6m Container and 12m Container orders.

Pallet - AS-6P Polycrystalline Solar Panels [26 panels]

Advanced Performance and Proven Advantages

  • AS-6P Polycrystalline Solar Panels provide high module conversion efficiency up to 17.52% through Innovative five busbar cell technology.
  • Low degradation and excellent performance under high temperature and low light conditions.
  • Robust aluminium frame ensures the modules to withstand wind loads up to 2400Pa and Snow Loads up to 5400Pa.
  • High reliability against extreme environmental conditions [passing salt mist, ammonia and hail test.
  • Potential induced degradation [PID] resistance.
  • Positive power tolerance of 0 ~ +3%.


  • 12 Year Limited product warranty.
  • 12 Year Platinum warranty [additional charges apply]
  • Limited liner power warranty: 12 years 91.2% of the nominal power output, 30 years  80.6% of the normal power output.

Amerisolar’s photovoltaic modules are designed for large electrical power requirements. With a 30 year limited power warranty.

AS-6P Polycrystalline Solar Panels offers high-powered, reliable performance for solar projects, both on- and off-grid.

Pallet - AS-6P Polycrystalline Solar Panels [26 panels]

Pallet - AS-6P Polycrystalline Solar Panels [26 panels]

Solar CellHigh efficiency solar cells ensure high performance of solar module's and create maximum power output.

Low iron tempered glass: Anti-reflecting coating and  high transmission rate glass which increase the power output and mechanical the strength of solar module's.

Aluminium frame: Without screw, corner connection. Eight mounting holes on the frame can make the module easily installed.

Superior Junction box: Multi function junction box with waterproof capabilities.

Long lifespan: ≥ 30 years. 

Tolerance:  0 ~ +3 %.



Pallet - AS-6P Polycrystalline Solar Panels [26 panels]

Pallet - AS-6P Polycrystalline Solar Panels [26 panels]

Shipping and Delivery

Pallet - AS-6P Polycrystalline Solar Panels [26 panels]

  • Delivery time from China to Australian:
    • Air Express [Door to Door] 2 to 5 days from dispatch.
    • Bulk Air [Heavy Items] Door to Door 5 to 7 days from dispatch.
    • Sea Freight [Large/Heavy Goods] Door to Door 17 to 27 days subject to delivery address.
  • Delivery from port to your nominated address is subject to your location and Postcode in Australia.
    • Capital city's/Metro areas within 24 hours of been cleared by customs.
    • Not metro locations subject to transportation times.

Payment and Terms:

To order any products through full payment 100% will be paid in Advance and held in trust by My Renewable Energy secure Payment Gateway. [Shopify]

  • Once payment has been processed and approved the Vendor fees are paid directly to them before assembly and packaging begins.
  • After products have been confirmed ready for delivery, the freight forwarding company will pick your order up directly from the vendor and arrange for delivery to Australia by the method that you select. Large orders will be sent by Bulk Air and Sea Freight to Australia and picked up and delivered by our Agent [Northline] to your nominated address in Australia.

The remaining funds held will pay for shipping fees, Australian customs duty, Port handling fees, delivery from port to your nominated address and marketing site fees.

Pallet - AS-6P Polycrystalline Solar Panels [26 panels]

If you require any further information you are free to contact My Renewable Energy by using the contact form located on the main menu.

Pallet - AS-6P Polycrystalline Solar Panels [26 panels]

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