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52KW/1000AH Powerwall   -  2 * 12KW/48VDC/120A Solar MPPT 6KW Inverters - Home Energy Systems MPPT Solar Charge Controller for 12/24Vdc  24Vdc  48Vdc 

MPPT Controller Charger


MPPT Solar Charge Controller Product Discruption:

Solar Charge and Discharge Controler

  • Over 97% converting efficiency. [High Preforming] 
  • Built-in MPPT Tracker to power the inverter to optimise the power transformer.
  • Reversed current protection for preventing damage to plant and equipment.
  • Automatic battery temperature compensation for long-term relibility.
  • Solar charge controllers are suitable for various types of batteries for different charging modes.
  • Able to connect to additional DC loads for wider appliationa.
  •  Three stage charge control system [Bulk absorption] and float mode with temperature compensation.
  • LED indicators display charge status in real time.
  • Pulse with Modulation [PWM] topology combined with multi-stage charge cotrol algorithm leads to seperior charging and enhanced battery preformance.


    MPPT Solar Charger and Discharge Controller fitted with Wall Mounted Solar Inverter

    MPPT Solar Charge Controller Specifications:  



    LifePO4 Battery Power Bank

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