Folding Solar Panel 105 Watts 5.9A Letsolar SH73

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Folding Solar Panel 105 Watts 5.9A Letsolar SH73

Folding Solar Panels

When you're on the road or camping outdoors, you'll benefit from the immense source of clean, free renewable energy from our Aussie sun when using portable folding solar panels.

Adventure seekers, campers and travellers face different challenges when staying in remote locations and it's not always easy to enjoy the outdoors in the absence of electricity.

Folding Solar Panels, enjoy there flexibility

Aside from the convenience of having power source wherever you go, a foldable solar panel is easy to store and move. When you need to switch campsites or go to a different location, simply fold it up and keep it in the trunk of your car or the backside of your van. You may also set the folding solar panel on the roof of your vehicle, it's ideal for any type of transport.

Folding Solar Panel 105 Watts 5.9A Letsolar SH73

Our folding solar panel kits come with dust covers to protect the equipment during transport or when they are not in use. The panels are also designed with protective edges to minimise the risk of damage when you are moving about. They are constructed and designed with a convenient and sturdy handle for easy carrying.

Folding Solar Panel 105 Watts 5.9A Letsolar SH73

Power Up with Efficiency

Campers may benefit from the smallest portable solar power system if the main requirements are minimal. For instance, you might require only camping solar panels to charge devices like mobile phones, cameras, laptops, GPS, and LED lights whenever you're resting between your outdoor adventures. But you may also plug in radios, audio systems, a mini fridge, slow cookers, portable video players and even small LED projectors if you have higher capacity folding solar panels.


SH73 Specifications

Packaging & Shipping

    • Packing: Cartons will be used for all small items.  Wooden crates will be used for large Items.
    • Letsolar Technology delivery time to our shipping agent is 2 to 7 working days after receiving full payment. 

Letsolar Technology offer 24Hours after service to help solve any problems.

Guides and After-service Consultancy

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Fortunes Solar Double Portable POLY Panel 40W to 200W

Shipping and Delivery

Fortunes Solar Double Portable POLY Panel 40W to 200W

  • Delivery time from China to Australian:
    • Air Express [Door to Door] 2 to 5 days from dispatch.
    • Bulk Air [Heavy Items] Door to Door 5 to 7 days from dispatch.
    • Sea Freight [Large/Heavy Goods] Door to Door 17 to 27 days subject to delivery address.
  • Delivery from port to your nominated address is subject to your location and Postcode in Australia.
    • Capital city's/Metro areas within 24 hours of been cleared by customs.
    • Not metro locations subject to transportation times.

Payment and Terms:

To order any products through full payment 100% will be paid in Advance and held in trust by My Renewable Energy secure Payment Gateway. [Shopify]

  • Once payment has been processed and approved the Vendor fees are paid directly to them before assembly and packaging begins.
  • After products have been confirmed ready for delivery, the freight forwarding company will pick your order up directly from the vendor and arrange for delivery to Australia by the method that you select. Large orders will be sent by Bulk Air and Sea Freight to Australia and picked up and delivered by our Agent [Northline] to your nominated address in Australia.

The remaining funds held will pay for shipping fees, Australian customs duty, Port handling fees, delivery from port to your nominated address and marketing site fees.

Fortunes Solar Double Portable POLY Panel 40W to 200W

If you require any further information you are free to contact My Renewable Energy by using the contact form located on the main menu.

Fortunes Solar Double Portable POLY Panel 40W to 200W

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